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20 Oct 2014

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17 Oct 2014


By Crom! is my joke-a-panel autobiographical comic featuring life advice and spiritual guidance from Conan the Barbarian. It ran from January 2012 to May 2014, and is collected in two books, The Collected By Crom! and Full Colour Cromulence. You can read the archives on, and grab the books in print and in PDF.

By Crom! will be tabling with Weald Comics at TCAF, VanCAF, TAAFI and possibly FanExpo Toronto!

15 Oct 2014


"why did she win the nobel peace prize???"

"she didn’t do anything to deserve the nobel peace prize"

fuck anybody who wasn’t overjoyed when she won, this girl is providing a voice for uneducated and oppressed young people across the world whilst still advocating and campaigning for peace and anti-violence. after she was shot in the head.

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12 Sep 2014

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9 Sep 2014


Reblog if you’re part of the feminist illuminati here to take games away from pissbabies.

7 Apr 2014

18 Mar 2014



The video camera is plugged into the VCR, allowing it to record itself being poked and prodded.

GIF’d version of Vide-Uhhh! (2005)

"What is that thing?" ~ said every single one of my students.

24 Jan 2014

19 Jan 2014


every glass of milk, is a fight nowadays.

10 Jan 2014


Hammond explains oversteer.

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